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y removing the stage, Le Salon de Musiques concerts series in Los Angeles offers a more personal touch to listeners eager to familiarize themselves with Chamber Music and learn through a new dialogue between artist and audience. When listening to a masterpiece, our attention inevitably falls on its history carried out through time and space. This is the magical instant when the alchemy between the melody of Chamber Music compositions and audience sparks. During this conversing phase, Le Salon de Musiques concerts series and its artists help the listener discover the unique sensitivity of the composers’ universe.

Consuls of France and Germany support

Celebrating a decade is always a special occasion, and especially when it is the first! Le Salon de Musiques will be rounding this significant cape this year, and all music lovers who have been enjoying this wonderful series for the past nine years will be delighted to celebrate its 10-year anniversary throughout the 2020-2021 season.

No doubt that this new season will be sharing the best of chamber music and introducing a new mosaic of musical rendez-vous to an ever growing and passionate audience.

Founder & Artistic Director François Chouchan has been doing tremendous work, showcasing some of the most renowned composers’ pieces as well as lesser-known treasures of European musical culture, and connecting artists and audiences around their passion for music.

Dear François, we are honored to celebrate this 10-year anniversary with you and your Salon de Musiques, and we wish you a wonderful upcoming decade, full of emotions, curiosity, and outstanding musical treats!

Conversation, Champagne, Cuisine
fter the performance, exchange is encouraged carrying over the musical emotion to a warm and convivial gathering following each concert. Members of the audience mingle around an elegant and gourmet buffet with Champagne, exchange ideas and meet the artists who not only share their emotions but also their passions and extensive knowledge of the masterpieces they have performed and their composers.

Le Salon de Musiques' goal is to bring together an audience of disparate backgrounds… music lovers who believe that this form of melodic artistry brings out the best in humanity. For these people, this two hour program of chamber music in Los Angeles California will provide an unforgettable moment filled with inexplicable beauty...a feast for the senses.

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"I look forward to Le Salon's new Season and will continue to be a vocal advocate for its many charms, as well as for its social, educational and musical value. This downtown Chamber Music Series takes listeners closer to the music and musicians than any other I know of."
Rick SCHULTZ, music writer for "The Los Angeles Times" and "The Jewish Journal"

"Le Salon is a cross between a Lincoln Center and Carnegie Hall performance, but with the intimacy of Coco Chanel's living room."
Sue Facter, Media Specialist

"Le Salon de Musiques is my favorite music series in town, a secret that shouldn't be kept any longer. This is our second season attending and we so enjoy the music, the conversation with the musicologist and musicians, the Patina food, the excellent champagne, the setting, the people. It is chamber music the way the masters intended it to be experienced. Don't miss it."
Tim Carpenter, Host/Producer, Experience Talks, KPFK